What is CSPO? How to Get CSPO Certification?

Posted by David Watson . on April 8, 2019

Once the software development team shits from the waterfall model to the agile approach, where the Scrum framework is implemented that helps all the teams to work as one unit. This scrum team has different roles as per the work carried on – Team member, Scrum master, and product owner. As scrum pays more importance to direct communication between people working, product owner plays an important role in this framework as he is the main connection between the consumer, the development team and the other members involved. He is the main person who ensures efficient communication between end users and the development team and to be able to fulfill duties in this role, the candidate needs to be a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

What does a product owner do?

CSPO certification available from Scrum Alliance is for every participant who wants to learn the entire process of problem-solving in a business process. The main duty of the product owner is to deliver a quality product to the customer. The job profile includes several activities right from the start to end and needs interaction with the team as a whole. Job profile of a product owner starts right from – creating a rough sketch of the product, planning and modifying the product as per the needs of the user as well as other stakeholders involved in the process, taking of the budget during the initial stages till the product is introduced in the market.

The person responsible should also be able to bring everyone together for meetings and attend to the needs of all involved in the process. Along with basic skills of communication, the candidate also needs to be an innovative worker having a convincing power to influence the customers as well as the parties involved. They are the foundation of the whole software development process as they have to take the onus of any problems faced during the software development process. The person in this role is expected to understand the whole Scrum framework and a clear understanding of the scrum working principles. The product owner not only has to work on delivering a good product but also has to maintain clarity about the whole process.

The training related to Product Owner certification helps the individual to get an idea about the value of the product along with its vital features. In short, the candidate is the person who stands for the product that needs to be delivered as they have the most understanding of its features. They are accountable for the list of activities that need to be carried for the product to be out in the market in a proper way along with its content and properties so that the ROI is achieved by the team. Product backlog which is the most important part of the person in this position is a continuous process as it includes work like placing an order, survey and amend the list of items included.

As the person in this role is exclusively responsible for several crucial tasks – understand the whole idea about the project, create the whole vision, align work accordingly between teams, validate the product as per user requirements, acts as the voice of the customer and provides their feedback to the software development team and vice versa., manages the requirements of both the parties,. Apart from the above jobs they also plan product releases and manage risks associated with the same. The CSPO is considered a leader as well a team player as he is the main point of contact between the customers and various teams associated with the project along with the investors. The candidate at this post should be gifted with far sighted qualities so that they can visualize the wants of all the parties working on the project and have a clear vision of the business objectives along with posing excellent negotiation skills.

How to get CSPO certification? 

To obtain a CSPO certification in Bangalore, the person should initially be familiar with Scrum Framework and also be aware of the agile methods and should do this only if interested in the business side of the company. As it is a unique course people who are highly qualified like a professional associated with the Quality Assurance team or a business analyst can opt for the same. The objectives that are learned during the course of the certification set by Scrum Alliance. To obtain a CSPO certification one needs to:

  • Attend a 16-hour certification that has been taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).
  • Once the course is completed, the instructor sends instructions to the Scrum Alliance with details of training that had been concluded effectively.
  • On completion of the above steps, you can accept the CSPO license by logging onto the official website and the certification once accepted is valid for a period of two years.

Once the course is completed the candidate is also provided the study material specified by Scrum Alliance. By the end of the certification completion, the aspirant also enhances their skills as a product owner, learn the agile framework and about the teams so that working with them becomes easier. They also learn to create practical plans for the teams for efficient and maximum ROI.

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