Why People Should Develop Augmented Reality Right Now?

Posted by David Watson . on January 9, 2019


The hi-tech overcomes the break among the computerized area and reality. This is the augmented reality. The suggested notion isn’t original and contemporary. But recently it becomes famous and some innovations such as Pokemon Go and Google Translate fix the world. Employing the AR methods, some apps provide the possibility for the clients to wear virtual lenses, to rearrange the furniture in the kitchen and chat with the close people.

Pokemon go

Smartphones and AR

In the modernized mobile phones the present–day powerful companies implement the feature of AR. The human can observe through the camera the ordinary inanimate object, but due to manipulation of AR hi-tech, they are able to manipulate them.

Additive AR development in photography and cinematography

The additive AR methods are based on patterned lens markers, effective reactions, separating components, subtitles, and computer-formed representation and Snapchat converting structures. This intuitive issue is the shortest feedback connection, that may exist. Nowadays it is observed the rise of the media material due to the support of the largest platforms of connection.

The tendency for people to generate the videos and photos has already gained the momentum and will do in the nearest time. The humanity receives the fresh kind of self-impression and self-advancement.

The relevance of AR. The basic tools

There are several applications of AR development which are essential and potentially beneficial. They are for the most part connected with

  • Health protection

AR implementations may facilitate the diagnostic of the illnesses and human physical states. While the operating process, it can coordinate the doctors’ movements.

  • Studying

Animation and Virtual support are the primary instruments to deal with such science as physics, chemistry, and biology and learn more about the surrounding zone for students. This notion may be named as the scientific fantastic in reality.

  • Tourism

The majority of apps with the fascinating info about the sights serve as the private guides for the users and supply them with new facts, material, cafes, and souvenirs stores.

  • Commerce

AR also contributes to the rise of the selling. The product can be bought due to the AR support. The complete representation allows the clients to choose the item immediately and without any considerations.

Below there are listed the most significant tools for the AR development:

  • ARPA
  • ARTool Kit
  • Metaio
  • Unity 3D
  • Layar
  • Vuforia

The guide to form AR practice by the HTML edges

The AR development begins with

  • the addition of the libraries (a-frame),
  • the determination of the body (an ordinary notion for the HTML expert),
  • the generation of a multi-dimensional zone (ARTool KIT constituent),
  • including the elementary material (simple objects and their surrounding area),
  • the implementation of AR camera.

Summarizing above suggested details of AR improvement, there are some reasons to point out that AR high-tech peculiarities are worth to be the part of the future investigations of the society.

The author of this article is Yana Krevsun, a developer from ServReality company (servreality.com), VR/AR software development team of experts concentrates on the generation and advancement of both kinds applications. Our tasks are to serve the users and to cultivate the contemporary unreal possibilities.

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