Why WordPress is the First Choice for Designers?

Posted by David Watson . on February 4, 2019

More than 25% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress. This CMS (Content Management System) has everything for the naive as well as pro website designers, making it the most popular name among its kind. With more than 409 million people viewing more than 23.6 billion pages each month, it is becoming an indubitable choice for small and large businesses alike.

WordPress has come a long way since its launch in the year 2003. From a simple tool for bloggers to the first ready-to-use platform, it grew at an exponential rate. The simple yet powerful approach of the platform has attracted the online experts, non-techies, business owners, and almost everyone who wants to put forward their ideas or business to the entire online sea, in the quickest way possible. There are more reasons that addup to the popularity of WordPress.

Quick setup and initiation

Only basic knowledge about online signup process is enough to get you started with WordPress. The UI (User Interface) being landed after completing the signing up does not scare off even the first-time website designers. The simple controls, pre-formatted forms & webpages, easy navigation, etc. combine to make it a most adored CMS over the internet.

Budget & Host Friendly

Budget is always a big concern, especially for the budding designers. Designing, hosting, and maintaining a website is a continuous expense. The website development plans on WordPress, however, provides some ease on the wallet. Also, since WordPress gives freedom to choose any web host for hosting your site, designers have open-ended options in this respect. There are numerous options of cheap WordPress hosting for designers which can help them to gain a larger profit margin, with the minimal initial investment.

Sorted Out SEO related concerns

Not everybody knows about SEO. But it must be done, in order to appear in search engines’ query results, and that too, at a great rank. WordPress sorts out basic SEO topics for completely ignorant designers of the WordPress site. It gives general instructions in form of tips, plugin warning, SEO reports, etc. to guide the designers as to how they can have SEO friendly web design and content. It also does some involuntary SEO related work in the background such as automatically alerting Google about every update on your site which makes your recent blogs to move up the ranks in Google search results.

Choice of Plugins and themes

A website is designed by coding in various programming languages like Javascript, PHP, Java and more. WordPress simplifies this by providing the designers with loads of plugins (more than 50,000 free plugins) and pre-designed website themes, who are just waiting to be fed with customised business-specific data and information.

Biggest Free Community Support

WordPress supports 68 languages and has become a community which has 840+ meetup groups with 511,000+ active members, all over the world. Being an open source platform, their strength is to work in close association with each other. Hence no new or old user of WordPress is left wandered with doubts or issues. Apart from the official WordPress forum, resources like WPBeginner are available for designers and developers for working on any niche.

The aforesaid are few of the many reasons that would motivate a designer to choose WordPress for showcasing their interests, skills, and business. There are finer sub-utilities in this CMS which are appreciated by every user, making it their first choice when it comes to website development.


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