10 Best Online Appointment Schedulers for Businesses in 2018

Posted by Eyden Haze . on June 2, 2018


Coming clean, the hook to a successful firm is no doubt the knack for time management. Conferences, punctual project submissions and critical appointments are affirmative depictions of a hectic schedule at offices and major institutions. Arrangements, modifications or cancelling of meetings may be a lethargic move to afford for a company that aims for the best out of the best in the store. Delayed agendas are no less than an apocalypse for forthright businessmen. The need of the hour is to seek an aide that keeps you on track of your important schedules and manages them efficiently and prudently. Let’s deal with it, we trust in robots more than workmen because we look for smart results in a short span. The prime tactic to deal with your strangled timetable is to use the best online scheduling software there is in the market.

Here are 10 best appointment schedulers which would enhance your professional life to the next level.



TimeTap, is one of the best and widely-used appointment scheduling software that helps you shape your company operations better and makes it more profitable. Featuring two way sync with Google calendar, explicit enterprise booking for corporations, safe online payments, automated appointment waitlists, registrations can be done at the drop of the hat. This software schedules recurring appointments to suit your agenda and automatically requests for customer feedbacks and lets you know instantly.



Zenoti is considered as one of the best online appointment software for hair Salon and Spa businesses. The software is specifically built for Salons, Spas, Yoga and fitness studios to help them in simplifying their appointment scheduling, Billing & Payments, recording customer data and real-time reporting.

Zenoti saves you valuable time, lowers your personnel costs, and increases your customer satisfaction. With Zenoti you never miss a customer again!



If you are conscience about design as well as robust features, Bookafy is one of the best. I love the design on both my admin page and the online appointment booking widget that my customers see on my website. It’s beautiful! This web based appointment scheduling software is perfect for scheduling calls, demos, and service appointments. Automate with SMS text reminders, reviews and payments. Bookafy has a 2-way sync to other calendar apps such as Google calendar, Outlook, or Exchange.



Visibook gives you the complete control of managing web appointments, services and staff. The server keeps you on the top head of search engines making you accessible by fresh clients and fix meetings on the go. Its additional features includes quicker account creation, and apart from this, the powerful scheduler enables users to sync their Google Calendar and comes with an easy-to-use user interface, which makes it the best appointment scheduler for Therapists, Music Teachers, Fitness Trainers, Acupuncturists and local business owners.


Setster-Online Appointment Scheduling Software

The Setster software is a robust solution capable of handling Enterprise booking and payment needs, yet simple enough to use by smaller businesses and teams. They offer an out of the box scheduling widget that can be added to any website for a quick plug and play, while their RESTful developer API allows you to remotely manage any aspect and integrate the scheduling component within any workflow and applications for those interested in building a more customized approach.

Their pay as you go hosted service starts at $20 per month, but plans can grow with licensing options for a dedicated cloud hosted solution with elasticity, redundancy and multi-region hosting. Great for larger enterprises concerned with security and looking for the full package.

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder is one of the best in appointment scheduling software. The software deploys SMS Text Messages, Email Reminders, and phone calls to help reduce no shows and save time. It is a perfect choice for personal and professional services including Medical Providers, Electricians, Attorneys, Beauty Salons and many more. Appointment Reminder is also HIPAA compliant.



SuperSaaS keeps complexity out of the way so that you can easily create your own schedule according to your specific needs, whether for one schedule or multiple (and connected) calendars. This is an extremely flexible and customisable system. Highlights include quick integration with your website or Facebook page, customizable registration/appointment forms, automated confirmations, reminders and waiting lists, as well as integrated payment options for your customers. You can add your logo and change the look and feel to fit your brand. It takes no time at all to get your schedule up and running using their free unlimited time period trial version and you will notice that their price level is one of the lowest on the web, which makes this appointment scheduler a hugely popular option for small and large businesses.



Booksteam is an all in one online booking linked with subordinate applications like Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook for amazing compatibility. You just need to register to fix an appointment, plunge over to their website, select your recipients, fix a date and time for the appointment and check the status on the same forum. This makes Booksteam the best website to refer in regards to its straightforward procedure.



Building your own booking storefront is an ideal option when customizing stuff your own way is what you like. Time getting wasted can be avoided using Doodle allowing users to create a responsive landing page with e-commerce functionality in a matter of a few minutes. Doodle is a creative platform with an exemplary scheduling console and exclusive reservation management, making it one of the best online appointment scheduling software..



ospitals and health care use this web service to contact and reschedule their appointments with notifications and reminders. What makes this software unique is that it need not get downloaded as it’s a web service and the unique drag and drop feature makes rescheduling appointments simpler and compact. No monthly fees or setup is required plus additional features of color coded calendar, rescheduling recurring appointments, flexible business hours, calendar integration, advanced messages and patient self-services makes it an ideal software among others.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM-Appointment-Scheduler

Agile is a user-friendly, CRM integrated software which would automate your sales and marketing in one platform. Data leaks are dodged in this scheduler, backed by speed that’s unbeatable with greater affordability and simplicity. Some good features in this application include Smart online calendar, automated leader boards and email reports, smart social campaigns on board and group appointment scheduling tool which make it the best online appointment scheduling software.


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